The guidance of my supervisor has been invaluable. Not only have I been able to refresh and improve my skills, the ability to look at transcripts and go over sessions point by point with a supervisor is a wonderful learning tool for me and my clients.

At Ieso Digital Health we are passionate about providing high quality evidenced based psychological interventions in an innovative way.

We offer flexible work hours and high quality supervision and training, and place a significant value on continuing our therapist’s professional development. Supervision, as well as training, is used to continuously enhance the therapist’s clinical skills. Therapists will be allocated a supervisor who will provide feedback and guidance on their work, and will expected to attend supervision sessions. Our supervision and training events are free of charge to Ieso therapists.

We treat patients with Axis 1 Mood and Anxiety Disorders using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is delivered online, via synchronous written communication. Research demonstrates that CBT delivered online via our method is just as effective as face-to-face CBT.

To join our dynamic team, download and complete the Clinical Affiliate Recruitment Pack.

Joining our affiliate team

We are always open to therapists whom wish to become a Clinical Affiliate and we are constantly adding new therapists to our clinical team. We offer flexible, freelance working at competitive rates.

Therapists can have a caseload of up to 30 patients and each patient retains the same therapist for the duration of their therapy.

To be successful in joining our team of Clinical Affiliates, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to provide high quality CBT. We're actively recruiting therapists whom are:

  • Licensed in a State in which we operate
  • Willing to be credentialed

We will ask when you're available to provide therapy to our patients. We offer therapy 24/7, so you can work at times that suit you. The majority of our appointments are weekdays 6pm-11pm. We are particularly interested in therapists with availability to see patients in the evenings.

To join our team, download the Clinical Affiliate Recruitment Pack and email to This pack contains an FAQ section, but if your question is not covered, please get in touch.

Be a part of the therapy revolution.